From Sense & Sensibility - 1995
Straw Poke Bonnet

Here is a poke bonnet that I recently purchased from Just Two Tailors to go with my regency outfits.  Loved the one that Kate Winslet wore in the 1995 version of S&S so I started looking for my own and luckily found this one for around $35 in all.  The ribbon is a Martha Steward moire design that I found on sale at Michael's.  Although I usually won't buy anything Martha, this had a wonderful look and feel and was very hard to pass up at $1.49 for a roll.  The ribbon is currently attached with straight pins only, in case I want to change colors.  I kept the decoration simple so I could wear it with a number of things, and I really just posted it in case someone else was look for similar bonnets and had not found where to purchase them yet.  It also allows me to put my plug in for Just Two Tailors.  I have only purchased two things from them, two bonnets on two separate occasions, but both times they were wonderful to deal with.  With both orders there were some issues that came up with the online order, I called them up, got a hold of them right away, and they called me back a couple of times to make sure that they got everything correct before shipping.  The bonnets arrived in a very timely fashion and I would not hesitate to purchase anything from them in the future.  As you can see in the last photo, I finally got to wear it at HBE 2009.



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